Awareness about Seatbelt Laws

While driving a car or any motor vehicle one should be very careful and properly follow all the rules of driving. All motor vehicle drivers and passengers must wear a seatbelt. It should be securely fastened and properly adjusted.  The use of seatbelts prevents personal injuries and death. Taking few moments to use a seatbelt and fit it properly helps to save your life as well as reduce injuries at the time of collision. In case of accidents, it is always advisable to get medical help and get in touch with a personal injury lawyer Hamilton.  personal injury lawyers

The law of wearing seatbelts by the driver and the passengers has helped strengthen the road safety. Also it has helped people save their lives in a crash or a hit. No owner of a motor vehicle can sell or operate his /her vehicle unless it has seatbelts in the front seats. It is against law to sell or operate a motor vehicle without seatbelts or with damaged seatbelts. They can be fined for this.

In case of a mini bus or a coach, it is driver’s duty to make sure that the minor passengers i.e. children under the age of 16, are carefully secured by a seatbelt.  Passengers above the age of 16 are responsible on their own to fasten their seatbelt otherwise they can be fined individually. Also there are certain rules to be followed in case of infants and toddlers who are to be secured in a rear facing infant seat and pre-school children are to be secured in child safety seat. In case you, as a driver or as a passenger, do not follow this law, you are found guilty of an offence. You will be fined for that which is a very high amount. Drivers who pick and drop children have to be very careful about the law and order, failing which, they can be fined, claimed or put behind the bars by the parents or guardians of the victim child.

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If a person is travelling in a taxi, the taxi driver should make sure that the passengers are wearing seat belts properly. If you are travelling with a child in the taxi, then you must carry your own child car seat or boaster seat. It is not the responsibility of the taxi driver to provide a child car seat.

A driver or passenger who does not wear a seatbelt and gets hurt in an accident always have chances of  losing his or her ability to recover damages. He /She may suffer permanent disability for which he cannot claim or get any compensation.

A driver who is driving at a very high speed and not wearing a seatbelt can not only injure himself but also kill the other person with whom he has collided.

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So every person who is driving or travelling in a vehicle must be buckled up for their safety and other’s safety. This can help in controlling vehicle injuries. Accidents can happen anytime. It is always suggested to keep a medical line handy and have a the direct of a reputable personal injury lawyer Hamilton in your phone to have the assurance of legal support! Get more information on personal injury news here!