A Detailed Account on Sponsoring Your Parents and Grandparents in Quebec

Every year, people flock to Canada in order to pursue a better life. However, even after earning in dollars and getting a permanent residence, at times, individuals fail to attain the real contentment; because to them, true happiness lies in their parents and grandparents.

Addressing the emotional need, the government of Canada has come up with sponsored programs designed exclusively for parents and grandparents. However, every province has its bespoke rules and regulations. In order to understand the laws, it is strongly advised to hire a Toronto parental sponsorship lawyer skilled in this department.

Do you live in Quebec and planning to live with your parents and grandparents? Stay hooked! This article will give you all the details on parental sponsorship program based on Quebec. Ready on to unravel the important points? Read on:

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Understand the Process

This is a fundamental part of the entire program. Understanding each and every step of this sponsorship program can benefit you in the truest sense. Albeit, the immigration programs of Canada is less stringent compared to other countries, the parental sponsorship cases can be intimidating at times. Hence, appointing a Toronto parental sponsorship lawyer is the best bet. A professional lawyer can navigate you through all the necessary steps with the utmost accuracy and precision.

The process is all about submitting the interest to sponsor form. Once you complete the application form, you may get the chance to sponsor your parents and grandparents in Quebec.

Know the Ones You can Sponsor

For your information, family reunification is highly favored by Canada’s Immigration policies. In 2019, as per the latest reports, the country will be accepting 20,000 applications of parental sponsorship programs. This is indeed 4x of the number of accepted applications when compared to the year of 2014.

There is more advantage to it. People can bring their adopted parents and grandparents in Quebec. However, they need to keep all sorts of legal documents handy to avoid any kind of discrepancies.  If you have such an issue relying on a skilled Toronto parental sponsorship lawyer is the most viable option.

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Unfold the Eligibility Criteria

It is of significance to find the qualifying criteria even before applying. Some of the major ones are mentioned below:

  1. You must be above 18 years
  2. You should have a sturdy financial condition to support your parents or grandparents
  3. Make sure you don’t need any financial aid from the government to support your extended family in Quebec
  4. Moreover, you need to furnish proof of your financial stability

Post verification of these steps, you may get the final consent from the higher authority.

That’s all in a nutshell. Make sure to go through this guideline to increase the chances of approval. The process may entail several enquiries and it may take more time than usual. In such a situation, make sure to maintain a cordial relationship with your Toronto parental sponsorship lawyer. Apart from helping you professionally, he can also be a good source of mental support during the time of crisis.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a good lawyer and bring your parents or grandparents in Quebec.